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Onward - Jenn

It’s so surreal that we’ve been on American soil for a week already. Sure, my discretionary funds are all but drained, and my camera’s memory card is full of gorgeous rainforest and waterfront vistas and meticulously arranged group photos, but the friendships forged in our ten days together, vivacious and amplified by our group’s immersion into Australian culture, make me wish we were still “down under”.

It wasn’t until we’d departed the baggage claim at LAX that I was able to fathom how much I’d learned in our days spent blocks away from the Circular Quay, especially in how to relate and communicate with people of different cultures. That’s all business is, right? Making connections—whether with colleagues, superiors, and employees in and tangent to one’s workplace, between product and customer, or with entire markets at a time. The wisdom I’ve gained through the wisdom of experienced employers, my peers, and the interactions I’ve witnessed abroad has inspired me to continue collecting exposure to different corporate and national cultures in order to become a “citizen of the world”, a beacon of success celebrated by Australians.

This trip and its corresponding course have been the highlight of my Marshall experience thus far, and I have our outstanding faculty members, especially Professor Plotts, Cherie, our charismatic tour guide, our various bus drivers, Marshall Undergraduate Programs, and my fellow “[fake] Aussies to the Ivy” to thank. Lonely slow-claps to that.