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Compare and Contrast

I’ve been home in Texas for a whopping three days and I haven’t stopped thinking of Sydney. I find myself comparing all of the things that are going on in front of me to the way things were just a week ago. My family keeps telling me I’m homesick, which is weird because I just got home. In an odd way they are right though.

It’s hard to move past such amazing experiences. The thing to look forward to is that the LINC trip was only the beginning. My week abroad with the Marshall faculty can now serve as a foundation for future plans. I can bring all the knowledge and experience I gained back into the classroom, and, in time, perhaps return to the city that I fell in love with.

USC makes it so easy to study or intern abroad, and I fully intend to make use of those options. However, I don’t think I’ll ever have the opportunity to go and experience a place with forty odd members of my class. For that experience I will forever be thankful to USC and the members of the Marshall faculty who made this experience possible.

Fight On Down Under!


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