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Sydneysick- Victoria Madrid

It’s been a little more than a week since we left Sydney and I am definitely Sydneysick! After our trip, I remained in Los Angeles for a couple of days where the weather was pretty similar to Australia’s. However, a couple of days ago I came back to my hometown in El Paso, Texas and I must say, I terribly miss Australia!

Aside from missing the beautiful weather in Sydney, I really miss the whole no tipping and no taxes laws. Also, the whole laid-back culture of Australia was simply amazing! At first it was an inconvenience when the mall and many other places would close by 6 pm, but now I understand the importance of family and social life in the Australian culture.

All in all, Sydney was a great experience that I wish could have lasted longer. However, thanks to Marshall and our amazing faculty members, Julia Plotts, Mayra Miranda, and Jennifer Alderete, we came back with so many skills but also memories. For example, earlier when I was watching TV, I actually thought about the marketing strategies that each commercial used for their products. Even at my local mall I observed the architecture and realized that it could improve majorly to entice more consumers. Also thanks to LINC, I am now looking into studying abroad as much as I can and hopefully obtaining a job in another country. (:

Thank you Professor Plotts, Mayra Miranda, Jennifer Alderete, Marshall, and USC, this experience was definitely unforgettable and could not have been possible without all of you.

LINC Sydney 2013